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I’m interested to hear feedback about surfing in the Olympics, what are your thoughts on this? Will surfing in the Olympics make the sport too commercialized? That seams to be some of the feedback coming from the industry.

There are a few sides to surfing and the surf industry, some are in it purely for the sport, some are in it for the competitive nature, some in it for the business and some are in it for all three. Is the sport over commercialized? Will the Olympics make the sport over commercialized? Who says the sport isn’t already? (See Reuters)

This past year, we had the sports’ first $1 mil purse (See ASP Quik Pro), one million bucks, that’s huge and that’s commercialism. Now, someone like myself, who loves surf, love surfing, doesn’t follow the ASP too closely, though does enjoy watching the comps like Pipe this last month. Though, I’m not a bra, a total bro or whatever. You can look at me and not know whether I surf or not. I like that. I love the sport, love the ocean and have decided to make it part of my work. How about your local shaper, key to the industry, key to my enjoyment in surfing, though is he over commercialized? He is using surfing as a tool to earn income. My question is, will the Olympic games make surfing more commercialized than it already is, or, will it help guys out like your local shaper or your local surf shop? I think we’re at the point and everyone needs to accept it, that Surfing is a major, commercial sport. Surf Brands have sold out for millions of dollars(See Nike Buys Hurley), board shorts are selling for $50+ and wetsuits for $500+. Pro Surfers are earning a million a year, Kelly Slater is Forbes top 10 (See Top 10). Machado doesn’t even surf competitively though makes a ton from endorsements(See Mach).

My opinion, at this point, the Olympics won’t really hurt the sport by making it over commercialized since it’s already there. My fear is making this sport too popular, which makes our waves too packed, too crowded. Have you tried surfing at Far Rock in the middle of summer? How about Huntington? We’ve known for years that surfing in the summer is a bummer, we know to take out a beater board during these days because we know an 8 footer will bolt at us as the beginner jumps off his board in fear of hitting us. We know this, nothing we can do to stop it and will just have to learn to adapt to it, surf in off hours, when people are at work. If you love to surf, you’ll adapt to it and make it fit for you.

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