With the onset of new wetsuit brands toting their “green” neoprene, aka Limestone based neoprene, the quite brand, West Surfing, has constructed their high quality suits with Japanese Limestone based neoprene for years. This blog is to profile West as a green wetsuit company, their suits have been used by the Discount Surf team for years, before we got into the surf biz. We love these suits because of not only the quality, though the price point. The latest range of wetsuits is the culmination
of almost three decades of wetsuits manufacture using state of the art, environmentally
sustainable materials including limestone based neoprene, bamboo and recycled bottle
fabrics. The benefits of limestone based neoprene are not only for the environment, though provides us with a warmer, more flexible and comfortable suit than traditional, non-biodegradable petroleum based suits.

Check out Discount Surf Co. for a special department for Green & Environmentally friendly wetsuits showcased by West and Body Glove’s Eco lines.