Wanted to develop the earlier post on limestone based neoprene a little further:

Benefits of Limestone:

– lightweight
– exceptional thermal insulation
– super stretchy
– 95% water impermeable
– more free moving and flexible
– high closed cell content
– thick wall structure
– created using hydro electricity
– green credentials

West neoprene is derived from limestone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock created over millions of years from fossilized marine organisms.

West Limestone Neoprene is created using hydro electricity, helping to lower their carbon foot print which makes West wetsuits more environmentally friendly than petroleum based neoprene.

West began using Limestone Neoprene back in the 1980’s as the preferred neoprene throughout the entire range of suits. The benefits of Limestone Neoprene include lower water absorption, higher thermal properties and more stretch due to the high closed cell content and thick wall structure.

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