At Discount Surf we take pride in our planet and do our part to reduce the carbon foot print.

Here’s a piece on Body Glove’s Eco Mission. Take a look at our Body Glove Eco Wetsuit Department here and read more about Body Glove’s Eco Mission Below:

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Body Glove loves water. We love the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the snow, the streams and the rain that allow us to enjoy the surfing and diving lifestyle. When you love something you want to do what you can to protect, preserve and enhance that love. We know that as humans and as a company who manufacturer products that we are far from perfect. With our Eco iniative we plan to outline how we (and you) can help protect, preserve and enhance what we love.


1) Body Glove will strive to follow the lead of our environmentally conscious founders and continue to support local and international environmental organizations while also leading the way in product development and corporate responsibility. Our mission is to be smarter, greener, cleaner.

2) Body Glove will continue to expand the Eco line of products. The Eco product series goal is to incorporate, wherever reasonably possible, renewable, recycled, sustainable and/or organic materials to produce unique and high performance product. Check out the growing list of Eco Products.

3) Body Glove will celebrate and continue to highlight Bill and Bob Meistrell’s history of environmental action.

4) Body Glove will continue to support local and international environmental organizations such as Reef Check, Surfrider Foundation, and Heal the Bay.

5) Words can only do so much We are taking action and encouraging you to take action.