What A Surfergirl Needs On The Road. Courtesy of stephsoul

What A Surfergirl Needs On The Road

this is a packing list I am working upon since my very first surftrip – and on every journey there is something added, because you forget so many essential things and bring so much unuseful stuff 😉

I guess you know that you need clothes, towels and suncream, so I will skip things like “take a toothbrush and sunglasses” 8)

* headlamp (there are many wonderful surf villages in the world who don’t have street lights and you will be happy having a lamp when you go back to your nice cabana after having dinner or party with other surfers)

* string (to hang out your wet bikini, lycra and boardshort after your amazing surf sessions)

* sun cure / quick fix (for dings on your baby)

* cold pack (because not only your board gets dings, also your body from time to time)

* mini locks for your luggage (some say as a thievery-prevention but I’m not so sure about that – perhaps it’s even the other way round – what do you think?)

* pocket knife (for mango, pineapple or papaya – hopefully you won’t need it for other things than fruit)

* lighter (also if you don’t smoke, a lighter is always useful)

* roof rack pads and straps (because sometimes they want to fix your board with wool or plastic threads on the top of some car, other times they don’t fix it at all but hold it, leaning out of the window!)

* usb flash drive (if there is a photographer at the beach and you would like to have the amazing pix he made of you surfing)

* inlet mummy (sometimes you really don’t wanna sleep on those beds without protection… I’m not picky by the way)

* travel hammock (everybody will love you for it!)

* surf wax (it’s rather rare and expensive in exotic parts of the world)

* mosquito net (it’s always good to have your own without holes)

* basic first aid kit with duct tape (thank you, angie!) 😉