Catching Up With Body Glove’s New Specialty Sales Manager Mike Vavak | TransWorld Business.


Not long after Mike Vavak was brought on board at Body Glove as the brand’s new specialty sales manager,TransWorld Business was able to check in with him at Surf Expo in Orlando to learn what’s new with the brand. After several failed attempts at a 60-Second Sell, it was clear that Vavak’s informational and entertaining overview could not be cut to a minute or less. Instead, we gave him a chance to elaborate more on his new position and the innovative technology behind next season’s product. Here’s what he had  to say:

Mike Vavak SBSC

How long have you been on board at Body Glove?

Six months.

Where did you work before?

Ocean and Earth.

What’s the most exciting part about your job now?

I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like a job. Everything is exciting from the product we make to the people I work with. It’s all love.

What’s the most challenging part?

I have missed a few swells.

It was great catching up with you at Surf Expo about the new wetsuits Body Glove is dropping for Fall. What sets the Vapor apart from other suits on the market?

For 60 years Body Glove has been a family owned company with its primary focus being wetsuits. The new suit uses Vapor Water Repellent Technology. Vapor Water Repellent Technology is a coating on the outside shell of the wetsuit making water bead up and fall off the suit giving you a water tight wetsuit.

But wait… There’s more. The Vapor’s interior is 100% Thermofiber, which traps air inside the hollow fibers keeping you nice and toasty. Air is the best insulation a wetsuit can have without adding any weight. The Vapor is 100% Vapor Lock Stitched with a Vapor Seal plus Double Lock S Seal on the ankles and wrist. The Vapor also has new Nano Tri Tech knee pads for a maximum amount of flexibility. The Vapor comes in a Chest Slant Zip and a Back Zip and is available in 5/4, 4/3, and 3/2.

What else is new for Fa

The PR1ME, which is made from an all new EVO Flex which makes this suit 25% lighter than the Vapor but just as warm. The interior of the PR1ME is the brand new Pyrostretch technology. Pyrostretch uses hollow fiber technology to trap air, but is made from a lighter weight and lighter blend material. We have created a new pattern called EZ Entry Slant Zip. This new pattern gives the PR1ME an entry point on a front zip that is as big as any back zip. The PR1ME also has new Nano Tri Tech knee pads for a maximum amount of flexibility. This suit is the fastest, lightest, and most flexible suit on the Market. Available in 4/3 and 3/2. Our Legends wetsuit is also coming soon, stay tuned.

What else can we expect to see out of the brand in the coming months?

We are taking it to the streets. The Body Glove team and film crew will be traveling both coasts in 2012, doing events at shops and giving away a ton of promo. The CALIFORNIA 1NVASION Episode 1 starts this month. for a list of events. Plus, new top secret technology that I can’t tell you about because people might read this. Shhhhhhhh!