Happy Saturday,

I’m profiling this surf spot because, I’m not a big wave surfer, at all. For me, a perfect day is 4-6, sandbar/beach break, off-shores, Sept-Oct swells in the Southern Cal region or some nice hurricane swells in the North East. Strandhill fits this mold perfectly.

Stumbled upon this surf spot as I was searching Google Maps, Google Video and such.

Strandhill is located in North East Ireland and is exposed to the North Atlantic Ocean.

As you can see, Strandhill is buried a little bit and is mostly exposed to North-West Swell from what I can see. Though surfers from the region say the spot will pick-up South-West swells as well. Off-shores originating from the South to South-East.

Strandhill is a sandy-bottom beach break/sandbar that is fairly consistent throughout the year breaking well on West / North-West ground swells serving up both Lefts and Rights, best on a higher tide. Beware of Rocks!

Local break information courtesy of http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Strandhill