Not to be cheesy or too corporate, though we wanted to share who we partner with financially in caring about our communities.

After leaving in Manhattan and Surfing in Queens for about three years, my wife and I fell in love with the city. After one month of living there, I started working with the Grand Central Neighborhood (GCN) in Mid-Town East, helping homeless and less-fortunate individuals with their resumes so they can get a job. The best part about GCN is that their programs help teach homeless how to fish (so-to-speak), not just give them free resources. They provide not only food, showers and a safe place to sleep; though also workshops to help get the clients back on their feet and into their own apartment.

Also, since moving our warehouse and office to Los Angeles (my home town – feels great to be home by the way, as I haven’t been back for about 13 years!), we also just started donating to Heal The Bay. We’re excited to give to Heal The Bay since the ocean has been a big part of my life since I was little and I feel like they have had an excellent track record of results.

You can read more and donate here.