I wanted to through up some pictures from this past week since the pollution was so bad here in South Bay. Tons of trash along the high tide line, dead sea lion, dead seagull and bunch of trash in the water.

I emailed Heal The Bay to find out what made the pollution increase this week versus last, I’m taking a guess that it has to do with the rain fall from the past week, as soon as I hear back I’ll update this post.

Here’s the updated reason on the extra pollution and indeed, resulting from the rain fall. Added 3/20/13:

There is typically more trash after the rain flush.
The rain carries pollution from the street into the storm drain system and is released through outfalls.
Pollution that comes through the storm drains is not treated and ends up in the river, our creeks and eventually the ocean.
We recommend that you do not swim after if rains for at least three days.
Right now, they are not combing the high tide line because it is grunion breeding season.
If they raked in that particular spot, it could scoop up the grunion eggs.