Body Glove Vapor Neo Zip 2/2mm S/A Fullsuit 10151.

Body Glove 2mm Vapor

2010 Closeout Model: Body Glove Vapor Neo Zip 2/2mm S/A Fullsuit 10151 – Body Glove Wetsuit

Want a top of the line suit at a great price? Check out this Body Glove Vapor Short Arm Fullsuit. Short-arm fullsuits is the probably my favorite suit in my lineup due to it’s light weight and ultra-flexibility, I’ll wear this suit with any excuse. Perfect for summer morning and evening sessions. The Vapor Model Wetsuits by Body Glove are the top-of-the-line model featuring water repellant neoprene that literally makes the water bead off your Body Glove Vapor Wetsuit. Plus, this is a 2010 Model so you’re getting a great price without sacrificing quality since wetsuit technology doesn’t change much year-to-year. Scoop this suit up before they’re all gone. 


  • Vapor Flex water repellent neoprene and no-rip/no-leak fluid seam welds throughout the suit.
  • Magna Flex in under arms, body and legs.
  • Spot Tape on seam intersections


  • Vaporlock Seams
  • SPot Tape
  • Anatomically cut for ultimate snug fit


  • Ultra Tatex kneepads.
  • Neo Zip Chest Entry
  • Deboss printing on chest & behind knees.

Spring 2010 Model