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The constant seek of Ramón Navarro for big waves in Chilean coasts take him to his maximum adventure; the challenge to travel to the most austral spot of the world and became the first man to practice Tow-in in the white continent.

Check out some highlights from Day 2

Happy 4th

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Let’s Surf Seriously: Chippa Wilson Part
Chris Malloy introduces Chippa Wilson as seen in the final part of TransWorld SURF’s 2012 hit surf movie Let’s Surf Seriously.

Bodyboard vs Surf. This is the motivation behind the Red Bull Tow Out Session where Hugo Pinheiro and Vasco Ribeiro go head to head doing their thing. Between broken boards, some great aerials, and some rivalry, in the end only you will be able to decide who was more impressive.

Surfing is so main stream it doesn’t even know its main stream.

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